5 Innovations Found in Every Genesis Luxury Car

If Genesis is enjoying being the spotlight in the row of luxury cars, one of the good reasons behind it is the Innovation that is driving the crowd into its showrooms. Starting from the value of money and service, from feature content to the latest technology, the Genesis brand keeps changing the ownership experience of a luxury car for better, and the frequency in which it does, do cast a strong appeal on the modern car buyers.

Here we would take a look at those five most innovative things that is common about every Genesis Luxury Car.

Genesis Luxury Car

  1. Dynamic Driving Impressions

According to the dealers of the Genesis Ardmore, when we talk about luxury cars, we focus mostly on the looks, in-cabin space, material, seating comfort and so on. But for luxury cars, performance is expected to be more sober than exciting. But if you speak to any Genesis owner, you can observe the thrill and excitement in their faces when they describe their driving experience with Genesis.  The reason behind such dynamic driving impressions is the various pre-defined drive modes in which any Genesis model can be set into. The modes can be selected by the driver to change the character and feel of the rolling instantly.

  1. High-tech Features

In Genesis, it would be hard to find out a technology going missing. Keeping safety and ease-of-drive at the topmost priority, Genesis installed in all the high-end features in its models. Whether it is the sophisticated Heads-up Display, or the climate-controlled seats, the latest hazard detection, or the arrangement for wireless smartphone charging, be it a hands-free smart trunk system or those adaptive steerable headlights with automatic high beams, Genesis has them all. The Lexicon stereo is one such example of its high-tech features.

  1. Genesis Intelligent Assistant

Driving a Genesis car assures you of enjoying the latest connected-car technology and smartphone integration. The Genesis Intelligent Assistant is in every Genesis car to help the occupants stay connected with their vehicle throughout. While intelligent alerts inform the drivers at-a-glance about the upcoming maintenance requirements of the vehicle, its remote start functionality allows the drivers to start a Genesis car even when away from the vehicle.

  1. Standard Safety

This innovative approach of Genesis can be best observed in the standardization of the high-tech safety systems that Genesis has installed to assist the drivers in every driving hazards, keep the drivers safe out of collisions, and stay aware of the surroundings constantly. All Genesis models are selected as the Top Safety Pick+ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) that leaves no doubt about the safety level maintained in any Genesis car.

  1. Genesis Service Valet

The Genesis Service Valet system as described by the Genesis dealership Ardmore, is another innovative idea launched by Genesis to serve their customers better. The system ensures that a trained technician performs a remote diagnosis of your vehicle, irrespective of its location.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, Genesis as a brand makes the process of purchasing, servicing and owning a luxury car easier while its cars are the best examples of a clever innovation that combines luxury with robust driving the best way one can imagine.

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