An Overview of the Toyota 2018 Prius Prime

The Toyota Prius Prime is a plug-in hybrid that has been counted equally with the merits of Chevrolet Volt and that of the Ford Fusion Energi. The three different versions that comes of the Prius Prime are Plus, Premium and Advanced.

According to the Toyota dealer serving Meridian while the Plus remains as the base car resembling the earlier normal Prius version with only a few changes observed in the plug-in features, the Premium has added quite greater features in the comfort and convenience zone. But the top-of-the-line version is the Advanced one which has enhanced the interiors, a handful of additional safety features and the infotainment system that is now powered by a huge 11.6 inches center-mounted touch screen.

Toyota 2018 Prius Prime

Engine and Transmission

The only powertrain of the Prius Prime has achieved its primary motif of delivering extremely efficient performance. Though this year the powertrain in the Prime appears to be exactly the same as that of the 2017 Prime, its efficiency has improved remarkably. The Prius Prime can be recharged either at a standard 120-volt household outlet, that needs around 5.5 hours to be fully charged, or about two hours when charged through an outlet of 240-volt.

Fuel Economy

Then the Prius Prime has a fully charged battery, it can run till 25 miles approximately as an electric vehicle (EV). Though the external temperature of the terrain, the driving habits of the driver can have a direct impact on this fuel efficiency, one can safely expect the EV range to be giving around 35 miles in ideal driving conditions but at the same time can bring it down to as little as 15 miles in an extreme cold or weather, or if the vehicle is run by an aggressive driver. But once the EV charge is depleted to quite an extent, the vehicle transforms itself to a more traditional hybrid one that makes use of a perfect combination of gasoline-powered engine and electricity.

Performance and Driving

The Prius Prime vehicle has now become a brand-new platform for the family of vehicles that are successful in bringing improved handling in comparison to their previous versions. The straight-line performance of Prime can be criticized by some as too lazy as the quick steering and nimble cornering do not act as per their expectations.

The Prime gives quite a comfortable ride around the city. But the same comfort might not be enjoyed while driving through a rough driving pavement.

Safety and Driver Assistance

As shared by the Toyota dealership serving Meridian, Toyota has introduced a line of standard and active safety features to the Prius Prime 2018 version, like blind spot monitoring, rain-sensing wipers, rear cross-traffic alert, color head-up display, LED fog lights and LED accent lights, Entune JBL audio with navigation and a handful of remote control apps that enables or disables car functionalities directly from a smart phone.

The Bottom Line

We need to wait for a year to see how the Toyota 2018 Prius Prime holds up its performance when it comes to everyday life commuting, hauling friends and family members, tread the longer road trips, and keep our babies happy in all driving conditions.

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