Do We Really Need To Own A Car?

For the last couple of decades, the only option we have was public transportation or buying a motorcycle. That’s it! But with the new era of technology, especially mobile technology, Car Sharing (Car Clubs in the UK) is now a reality. For example: Zip Car, City Car Club, Car2Go or Drive now. In Europa Car Sharing is growing by 300% a year (best results are in Spain, Germany and Italy). The main idea behind Car Sharing is the benefit of having a private car without all the costs and responsibilities of ownership (for example: car insurance, fuel, maintenance, etc.). You are able to rent a car by the minute, by the hour or even by the day, this is very helpful.

For example, in our home, we have 4 drivers and only two cars. Thanks to Car Sharing we are now able to solve this problem in extreme occasion when one or two cars more are needed. It is expensive, but solving a problem in the exact moment you need a solution is critical for a big family. But as I work in a full-time job, in terms of cost-effective, I do not find Car Sharing a viable option (I drive more than 5.000 miles a year). Car Sharing services is designed for city centers or for example universities with a densely population and it can save in average $200 dollars a month if you use it instead of a primary or secondary car in cities like New York, Los Angeles or Miami Florida.

Own A Car

If you want to use these services, how it works, for example ZipCar:1) Register Online: You need to take a few minutes and fill out a form online. Once you have been approved, you get your own Zip Card (like a credit card for renting cars).2) Reservation: You can do it online or on your mobile phone, for a couple of ours or an entire day. If you reserve with time, you can get cheapest prices! I save 40% this way.3) Car: You only need to walk to the car, and hold your Zip card to the windshield for a few seconds. Then the doors will automatically unlock and you are ready to go!

 That simple.4) Drive: Now you can go away and after used you need to return it to the same reserved pacing spot. Remember: the benefit is that the insurance and gas are included and no worries. In our family experience, you can also try nowadays new services (we are using them now) for example: RelayRides, Get around or Wheels.

These services are similar to Car Sharing companies, but the main different is that you rent a car for another person like you. Is like Peer to Peer lending! Amazing! You can rent a car from your neighborhood or someone nearby (people in your community) with full insurance included. The other person can earn up to us 1.000 a month renting his car. It is very simple, for example in Wheels, you sing in using your Facebook Account, then look for a car near you, and finally you reserve the car with hourly or daily rates, in this case, you pay for the gas.

With Get around company, the give you a Carlit that you install in your personal car and lets renters access your car via their smart phone. Everyone skip the paperwork and use their iPhone. This service is nationwide car sharing and no membership feeds. Guest Post: Born in Argentina and now living in California USA. Working for México, Brazil and Colombia, Christian Rannell Co-Founder of the Leader Aggregator in Latin America.

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