Does My Car Need Braided Steel Brake Lines?

Braided steel brake lines are a topic of contention among car modification enthusiasts, performance mechanics and racers all over the world, with often fierce debates breaking out over their efficacy, weight demands, efficiency and performance-enhancing qualities. Argued by some to be an unnecessary expense and weight increase, but by others to be an indispensable way to improve brake performance and durability, braided steel brake lines seem to be caught between two camps, each equally passionate about doing what is best for their cars. But what exactly are the pros and cons of this controversial modification?

What is a Braided Steel Brake Line?

A braided steel brake line is a brake hose made with a very sturdy sheath of braided steel slats, wrapped and woven in such a way as to provide complete protection to the hose, prevent expansion due to pressure increases, and create a custom, attractive appearance.

Thanks to this steel armour covering the hose, it is supposedly able to deal with massive pressure from the brakes without expanding as much as a rubber brake line, transferring all the force to the brake discs and ensuring a faster, more forceful and more effective braking experience.  With the armour on the outside, it is also guarded against external damage from debris and incidental damage while working on other aspects of the car, making sure that you’ve got a brake line that can be relied on to get the job done.

Braided Steel Brake Lines

What Kind of Steel is a Braided Steel Brake Line Made From?

Braided brake lines are almost invariably made from high-quality stainless steel, thanks largely to this material’s excellent physical and chemical properties. The first of these is strength, as high-quality stainless steel demonstrates extremely good strength for its weight, and the weave of the material further increases this advantage to prevent any kind of expansion under pressure.

The second advantage is more chemical – corrosion resistance. Called “stainless” steel for exactly this reason, stainless steel is extremely resistant to all forms of corrosion, including rusting, attack by acids, alkalis and oils, and even saltwater corrosion! This is why it is used in cutlery and tableware, as well as in outdoor constructions, marine installations and other items which must stand up to the elements. Combined with the hard-wearing nature of stainless steel, this incredible resistance to water and road oils means that a stainless steel brake line is one of the hardiest, most reliable and most damage-resistant car modifications on the market.

What are the Advantages of Braided Steel Brake Lines?

As mentioned above, there are a number of advantages to the installation of stainless steel brake lines. The first one to note is their incredible resistance to pressure and expansion caused by spiking pressure. This means that the hoses will not stretch, even under spectacularly hard braking pressure, making them an excellent choice for performance cars and those who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their brake lines are highly resistant to expansion and able to deal with phenomenal forces.

The other advantages offered by braided steel brake lines include the incredible durability offered by the material, which is able to resist the corrosive effects of water, road oils, dissolved grit and more – things which would cause problems for ordinary steels and a range of other materials. On top of this, it is highly resistant to physical damage, making these brake lines a must for driving through debris-rich areas, rough terrain, heavily potholed roads or other environments where the brake line is in danger of making contact with a potential damaging influence.

The last advantage offered by this unique and high-performance brake line is the appearance of a stainless steel brake line. Available in a range of attractive colours or left in the original shining silver steel, your brake hoses can become a stylish addition to your car, instead of a drab, boring tube. For that final detail work that sets the truly beautiful apart from the rest, don’t ignore the appearance of your brake tubes!

Are Braided Steel Brake Lines Legal?

Until very recently, braided steel brake lines were not road legal. This was partially due to a lack of regulation and partially due to the volume of available types, making it difficult to guarantee standards of capability or performance. However, with more market regulation, as well as the emergence of tested, proven experts like BrakeQuip, several varieties of braided stainless steel brake lines are now road legal and ready for use.

Talk to the experts if you have any doubts – they’ll be able to help you and advise you on the best possible course of action to obtain the safest, highest-performing and most effective brake lines possible!

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