Don’t Let Pollen Ruin Your BMW, Save The Interior with Floor Mats

Spring and summer are two of the most welcomed times of the year, temperatures being warm enough to spend hours outdoors without a coat or jacket. The inviting weather also sees the numbers of people traveling on America’s roadways increasing. If there’s a downside to driving during warmer months, it’s the fact that there is so much pollen in the air.

Not only can pollen be hard on people with allergies, pollen can also be tough on cars, including luxury cars like BMWs. Akin to wax, pollen leaves a thick residue on a car’s exterior. If you leave pollen on your car too long, it could build up and get so thick that you could write your name on your car similar to how you could write and see your name in a layer of dirt. The pollen could also stick to the bottoms of your shoes, making it easy for you to carry the pollen into your car, dirtying your BMW’s flooring.

Pollen Ruin Your BMW

In addition to installing BMW 3 series floor mats, there are other steps you could take to care for your car during spring and summer. To begin, common pollen types in the United States are tree or pine pollen and flower pollen. These and other types of pollen can cling to your car’s paint, damaging the exterior of your car even after you wash the pollen off your vehicle. To protect your car’s painting, consider washing your vehicle with soapy water, giving the surface a gentle agitation. Avoid washing your car with materials that could scratch the surface.

A durable set of BMW 3 series floor mats could help keep the interior of your BMW vehicle clean by absorbing pollen. Of course, if you install a set of carpeted BMW 3 series floor mats, you’re going to have to vacuum the mats regularly. Also, be sure to clean the bottom of the mats to avoid transferring dirt onto your car’s original flooring.

If pollen, stains from food or liquid spills, dirt or mud get on your BMW 3 series floor mats, you can use a plastic scraper to pull heavy dirt away from the mats. Follow this up by vacuuming the mats. You can also clean carpeted mats like BMW 3 series floor mats using a carpet cleaner. If the mats need to be washed with soap and water, avoid using laundry detergent that has chlorine or bleach in it.

To avoid getting pollen on the interior and exterior of your luxury car, you can also park your vehicle beneath a covering, one that’s not close to trees or flowers. Of course, you could also protect your vehicle by covering it while you’re at work or inside during the evening. Efforts that you take to care for your BMW could yield lasting rewards, whether you plan to drive the vehicle for years or sell it to another driver.

Bio: Rhonda Campbell is an East Coast freelance writer who has been penning print and online articles for several years. She regularly researches and writes stories about automobile care and maintenance.

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