Job as a Claims Assistant Professional

Claims assistance professionals are the ones who work under close supervision and guidance of the senior employees of the organization, provide their clerical support and perform duties as required. The main duties of claims assistants include entering details of incoming claims in the company’s system, filing the claims, assisting in payments or billing and maintaining other claims processes. Claims assistant is an entry-level position and involves other duties like collecting the required data and information to file claims correctly, organizing files for audits and corresponding with insured individuals on timely basis. Such professionals are also responsible for providing office and clerical support to managers within the company. Claims assistance professionals generally work in financial service companies, insurance businesses, law firms and medical providers. Candidates with clerical experience and administrative abilities are well suited for claims assistance positions. Most of the companies hire individuals with decent qualification and prior experience with clerical work for claims assistance professional positions. The technical skills to perform a claims assistant job effectively are experience with basic computer programs such as the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Professionals with experience in using Microsoft Excel are preferred as the spreadsheet-based program is quite often used to perform clerical duties. One should also be comfortable learning new software and technologies as many companies use their own claims processing software and applications. Candidates who aim to become claims assistance professionals should have knowledge and experience of typing for entering the data. Most of the companies prefer candidates who are willing to work in a fast-paced environment as claims assistance professionals may be given many different tasks throughout the workday. Such candidates must also have strong organizational skills, clear communication skills and perform their duties in timely manner. They may also be given the task to communicate with customers on the phone and solve their claims-related issues.

A leading personal injury law firm in Nevada is seeking a claims assistant with personal injury experience.

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The Las Vegas personal injury lawyers at Adam S. Kutner assist people who have been victims of accident in the Las Vegas area. The injury law firm provides courteous customer service, free traffic representation and free monthly newsletter after one becomes their client.

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The ideal candidate must possess previous work experience and understanding of how to disburse Plaintiff Personal Injury files, have knowledge of Med-Pay and managing the settlement breakdowns and percentages. Some of the duties of Claims Assistant include working one on one with attorneys, verifying all health insurance liens before disbursing funds and preparing files to be disbursed. The law firm prefers high energy individuals who are comfortable to work in a fast-paced team environment and are excellent in their verbal and written communication skills. Candidates applying for the full-time job must have one year personal injury experience and one year insurance claims experience. Knowing Spanish and being bilingual is an added advantage.

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