The Benefits of Buying a Honda Motorcycle

Honda has been the largest motorcycle manufacturer since the 1950s. The company’s peak in production was seen in the 1980s when it manufactured around 3 million motorcycles yearly. Today, the production levels have dropped to around 500,000, but this still puts them ahead of the other motorcycle manufacturers. Honda’s growth as a company has not been accidental. They have been able to maintain their position in the bike manufacturing industry by producing high-quality and high-value bikes. Here are some advantages of buying Honda motorcycles:

Buying a Honda Motorcycle

  • Reliability

Honda motorcycles have been noted to have a failure rate of only 12 per cent, and that makes the brand the second most reliable on the market. The bikes rarely ever break down, especially if you carry out routine maintenance religiously. Honda motorbike parts are also widely available as this brand is fairly popular around the world; visit Fowlers. Beginners, as well as seasoned motorcycle riders, prefer this brand over many other competitor products, and that means the market for spare parts is almost guaranteed to be filled. If you need proof of how reliable Honda motorcycles are, you just need to look at the large number of Honda motorcycles that are still running today.

  • Fuel Efficiency

Honda is one of the bike manufacturers that were able to survive hard economic times by developing fuel-efficient motorcycles. The rise in fuel prices prompted buyers to go for Honda models. Recently, the company has released hybrid models, and these ones consume even less fuel overall. Many Honda motorcycles have been consistently ranked highly in the list of the most fuel efficient bikes. The EX5-Fi is currently one of the most fuel-efficient bikes on the market. It has a 4.3-litre fuel tank and an 1100 cc fuel injected engine. It can achieve 1.8 litres per 100 km, and this puts it well within the list of the most fuel-efficient motorcycles.

  • Value

Honda motorcycles offer very high value for their prices. These bikes have a high resale value, even after many years of use. You should note that Honda bikes are highly reliable and should be functioning for a very long time, regardless of the level of use. You will only need to carry out routine maintenance to make sure the bike functions as expected. You should also install new Honda motorbike parts whenever the need arises. Riding a bike with wearing parts is one way to make sure the bike loses its value fast.


Honda is among the best-known motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. The company has been around since the mid 20th century, and over the years, they have managed to solidify their position in the motorcycle manufacturing industry. Consumers prefer Honda bikes for their value, fuel efficiency, and reliability. The company produces bikes for sports and for regular commutes, so makes sure you select the right bike for your purposes.

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