Which Cars Are Worth Most for Scrap?

When a car reaches the end of its life, you will need to find some way to dispose of it. Scrapping a car not only enables you to dispose of it effectively and efficiently, but it may also provide you with a way to claw back some of the money that you have invested in the vehicle over its lifetime.

There are many factors that determine the scrap value of your vehicle. The weight of the car determines how much scrap metal there is and will usually be the biggest determinant factor but everything from the condition of the vehicle to the need for collection will play a part in determining the value that you receive.

Car Weight Typically, you receive payment according to the amount of scrap metal that can be removed from the vehicle and sold. It stands to reason, then, that heavier cars will hold greater scrap resale value. With the weight of the car being so important, it means that SUVs and vans have a higher scrap value than town and city cars that are designed to be as small as possible.

Cars Are Worth Most for Scrap

Condition and Salvageable Parts Even though you are selling your car for scrap, the condition of the vehicle will have some impact on the price you receive. Scrap companies may strip components off your car that could be used on other vehicles and these sold. You may be asked about the condition of your car and this is to help the buyer determine whether they will have the opportunity to resell any parts.

Vehicle Depollution Vehicle depollution is one of the first steps that must be undertaken when the vehicle is sold for scrap. This involves the removal of the battery, oil, petrol, and any other material that is considered a pollutant. The easier this process for the scrapper, the more financial reward you will receive.

Recyclable Parts Scrap my car merchants are tasked with recycling at least 85% of the car components that they purchase. This means stripping the vehicle down, finding those parts that can be recycled, and then disposing of them properly and appropriately. The majority of the car will usually be metal and this can be recycled but other materials can also enjoy the same treatment.

Deliver The Crathes condition of your car may also be important in determining whether it will need collecting or not. If a scrap merchant has to use a tow truck to collect your car, then you are likely to face some charge for this. If you can legally drive your car to the scrapyard, then this means that you should receive a greater return.

Get A Quote Every car has a different scrap value and with so many factors determining the price that you will ultimately receive, the only real way to determine the scrap value of a car is to get a quote. It is possible to get quotes online by providing your car registration and a few basic details regarding the condition of the vehicle. You should then receive a quote based on the information provided.

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