Which City Has the Best Cab?

Watch any New York-based film, and you’ll see those famous yellow taxis buzzing around the streets. Take to London on the other hand, and ones of the black variety are on show. Every capital city has its own fleet and in every case, they prove to be a tourist attraction in themselves to intrigued foreign visitors.

Unsurprisingly, there are massive differences between each city and with a lot of areas opting for the ‘green’ approach – you’d be surprised at just how different your taxi journey can be across the world. We’ll now look at some of our favorite types of cabs in the world and again, even if you haven’t visited these particular cities, you will have most definitely seen them in the form of Hollywood, Bollywood or standard British films.

London Hackney Cabs Regarded as one of the famous in the world, the London Hackney cab is often referred to as the standard ‘black cab’. They can generally fit five people in plus several suitcases, whilst still leaving plenty of legroom. Other cities in the world have tried to mimic the vehicle, but London is the only place which can truly pull it off and even though some of the taxis Bury St Edmunds has look almost identical, when it comes to the standard taxi experience nothing beats the UK capital.

Best Cab

It looks as though these vehicles will be around for the foreseeable future as well, with the London Taxi Company recently coming out of administration and restarting production on the famous cars. New York Yellow Cabs We’ve all seen them flying down the streets of New York in the Hollywood hits, yet it won’t be long before the ‘traditional’ New York yellow cab takes on a somewhat different appearance.

 At the moment, there are a range of manufacturers producing ‘low’ cars – yet over the course of the next year the Nissan NV200 Taxi will be rolled out and it would be fair to say that this takes on a slightly different style. Some have likened it to a minibus, while some groups have even started legal action as they deem that it cannot be used appropriately by the disabled. Subsequently, some are suggesting that the yellow cab may never be the same again…The India Ambassador If we now turn to the Bollywood scene, this is a vehicle that is regularly seen on the big screen.

 The Ambassador fleet of cars look quite retro, with the vehicles being curved and experiencing minimal alterations since their debut on the streets back in the late 50s. Hindustan Motors are the principal manufacturer behind the vehicles and unlike New York, there is little sign of changes being implemented.

Bangkok’s Tuk-tuksAdmittedly, Bangkok has other forms of transport but the tut-tut is by far and away our favorite. Again, it’s been featured on television on many occasions and is a form of auto-rickshaw. A three-wheeler by nature, you’ll regularly seen passengers overloading with luggage brandished all over the place giving an overall cramped appearance. Some cities in the world ban tut-tuts, but not Bangkok and if you are looking to venture around the city and experience all the delights, this is sure the way to do it.

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