Why All Vehicles Are Adapting to Start-Stop Technology

If you are driving any of the new vehicles released in the last couple of years, you must have noticed that the engine gets shut off at every stoplight. To some, this start-stop feature might appear as one of the best ways to save fuel as well as the environment, for others this technology didn’t seem to have gone down well. The complaints are mainly because of the less control on the vehicle and reduced battery power. If you are in doubt about why all the cars today are adapting this technology in spite of the criticisms around, then you can find the reasons listed below.

The Purpose Behind

As explained by the experts of the Chevrolet dealer Palmdale, when manufacturers are working on the mechanisms behind every vehicle model, they have a common purpose of making it more appealing to the consumers from every angle. And one of primary concerns that affects the market of many cars, is its fuel economy.  Then comes the issue of environmental pollution that is working against the popularity of many cars. People whose first priority is going green are buying electric and hybrid vehicles. But for those who want to continue with the conventional types too need to share the responsibility of the crises that evolve around the issue of fuel. The Start-Stop Technology is one such way in which even the conventional cars can have better emission ratings and achieve better fuel economy.


The Way it Works

The fact that the start-stop technology is actually a boon for the automotive industry can be easily proved by the simple understanding of how it works. Based on dozens of sensors, the program that is applied behind managing the engine can now sense when the engine is working at the normal operating mode through measuring its temperature. When the system senses the temperature falling from the normal level, the computer involved with this operation disconnects the fuel and spark, to shut down the engine. When the car is keyed to start, the engine gets to start back automatically in less than half a second.

Fuel Savings

The start-Stop technology is purposely made to increase the fuel economy. That itself establishes the fact, that whatever ways the modern technologies were trying to increase the fuel efficiency, was not enough. After the introduction of the start-stop technology, all the owners will agree how much difference they are enjoying when it comes to fuel saving.

Easier Maintenance

Even though the start-stop technology might seem to be over bearing on the engines, since it only works on the warmed-up engines, finally it doesn’t hurt the health of the engine. Moreover, as the modern manufacturers are using polyamide coating on the engine bearings to reduce the chances of wear on them and the crankshaft, the start-stop technology gets another coating of assurance to be recommended.

Then comes the Battery maintenance issue, but the experts at the Chevrolet Palmdale dealership suggested, as batteries work better when in regular use, and don’t get dried up, the regular maintenance will make the cars more reliable and last for more number of years while saving a good amount of fuel.

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