Why To Opt For Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

The relentless rise in the prices of petrol and the increasing danger to the environment from fossil fuels is some of the main reasons behind opting for alternative sources of fuel. Compressed Natural Gas or CNG is the best form of alternative fuel that has emerged in the recent years. Its potential and popularity mainly conform to its economical and efficient characteristics.

The automobiles section has adopted the fuel since decades and use it as their primary form of fuel. Henceforth, many companies have also started using this fuel into CNG compatible cars that are termed as Natural Gas Vehicles. The question that arises is why people would go for CNG specific vehicles. Well even if petrol or crude oil prices keep increasing, the demand to buy newer vehicles never dips.

Opt For Compressed Natural Gas

Moreover, the emission of harmful polluted emissions and carbon fossils from traditional fuels pollutes the environment extensively. Survey says that fossil fuels add up to 50% of the air pollution to the environment. It has is then that CNG gas comes with a variety of advantages. Firstly, it costs cheaper than the usual conventional fuels. If a vehicle is CNG compatible, then the cost/ kilometer automatically comes to half.

Secondly, CNG is supposed to be cleaner as it consists of higher proportion of Methane and minimal composition of ethane and propane. This composition makes them hundred percent combustible eliminating hydrogen and H2O as their byproducts. Moreover, since it emits lowest emission fuels, they are considered to be contributing towards the conservation of the environment.

Thirdly, it is more user friendly than the conventional ones. The carbon deposits on engine parts are minimal and it does not harm the metal of the vehicle. Due to this, the automobile parts are durable and overall the vehicle requires low-maintenance. Fourthly, the Natural Gas driven cars offer better pick-up and higher performance. Lastly, since CNG is considered light, they are mostly safe to be driven. It rises into the atmosphere easily thereby reducing the higher risks of explosion.

CNG tanks are considered the primary component of the system. They come in four different varieties and available for purchase at popular automobile stores. The other useful way is to buy CNG cylinders online. A search online will put you across to the best dealers who can ship it across easily and at lower prices. Some of them also deliver it early and offer package discounts if bought in bulk.

American CNG offer fabulous customer services and exceedingly rapid delivery time. It should be noted that the Cylinders are USDOT FMVSS-304 certified and NGV-2 compliant. Some of the most common types of Compressed Natural Gas cylinders and tanks available vary according to their capacity.

–  The Compressed Natural Gas steel cylinders that work under 200-mPa pressure and used mainly for vehicles. –  The Compressed Natural Gas steel cylinders, which work under 21 to 180 liters’ nominal water’s capacity. –  The Compressed Natural Gas cylinders for cars, buses and heavy-duty vehicles like trucks that have a capacity of 60 liters.

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